Costa Rica Beaches

I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to Costa Rica the second week of November for 10 days.  In that time frame, I had the luxury to exploring many beaches in Nosara and even one of their natural waterfalls.  To my surprise, the beaches were nearly spotless.  It raised a very important question as I was taking in all of this 3rd world country's beauty;  why aren't our hometown beaches this clean!?

When you think about it, Huntington Beach & many other beaches down the coast are just as big of tourist attractions as exotic beaches like these.  Is Huntington not exotic enough to be given the same respect these?  Sadly, American beaches and everyday streets are consistently littered and covered in people's trash everyday.  These tourist attractions remain astonishingly clean with little to no maintenance, simply just people's willingness to clean up after themselves and their respect for the land.


Ostional Wildlife Reserve is a popular spot during turtle season, where most of Nosara's turtles come to lay their eggs.  This being a huge tourist attraction, I found a single empty water bottle on the sand, which I used to bring home some of the beautiful volcanic black sand.  With that being the only piece of trash I saw, I was pleasantly surprised.


Tamarindo's claim to fame was the movie Endless Summer ll in the 90's, which exploded the town's popularity with two very famous surf spots nearby, Witch's Rock & Ollie's Point.  Even though I saw the most hotels and souvenir shops visibly possible shoved into this small town, there was not a single piece of trash on this beach.  To my surprise, the only thing washing up on any of these shores during high tide was driftwood.


This trip was truly eyeopening, and the amount of respect and knowledge I brought to the states with me of other people's way of life was worth the entire trip.  Even though I will never understand why this piece of the paradise is respected more than any American beaches are,  I will not lose respect for my own hometown beaches.  All I can ask of visitors and the community is to take the time to do your part, whether it be picking up your own/someone else's trash to partaking in beach clean-ups, anything helps.