Camping Trips make the Best Shoots

Why does every vacation turn into a photoshoot!?
I think it's because seeing new faces and new places truly inspires me.  Using people's personalities and real life activities, and combining them is pure magic for me.  So when me and my boyfriend Jake booked San Elijo State Beach reservations (which is my home away from home and ultimately my favorite place ever) for a mini getaway with friends, it obviously turned into a photoshoot.  Two angels, Kiana and Brittany, made the drive all the way there to go on a mini photo adventure.  My handy dandy assistants, Tracie and Amanda accompanied the shoot wandering on there own to explore too.  Ending up in La Jolla after driving until we found somewhere so rad to stop, we played in the sand and ventured some streets.  Returning to the campground we roasted marshmallows (#dontfeedthemodels) and skated around.  Thank you to all the beautiful ladies who helped me out on this one!
Here's some polaroids from our day together. (not releasing the actual photos yet!)
Thanks for checking em out!