MOTOCUTZ MX soon to be launching...

My first actual employer were my parents at the age of 12 for their company called MotoCutz.  We provided on the spot decals, jersey lettering, chest protector plates, and more at motocross track all around California for amateur riders and racers.  As my brother ended his amateur career, the business was put on hold since there wasn't really a need for us to all be at the track.

As my brother Todd approached a business class with no idea what to pursue, he found a desire to pick back up the company and revamp it in so many ways.  He purchased all the machines my parents didn't and pushed the dreams that my dad had for the company further.  

Todd does full motorcycle graphics kits, preprinted backgrounds, and so much more all perfectly customized to your liking.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of him and his accomplishments as he launches his website and the beginning of something great.  And I am even more excited to be a part of it.

MOTOCUTZ MX's website launch date is still unknown.

For now, Todd can be contacted through Facebook, Instagram, or directly.