Niki Cram. Lifestyle Photographer.

Natural Beauty.

I make people beautiful in front of my lens.  Growing up, I always struggled with my view on beauty; and being a tomboy didn't help that.  As I found my photographic voice and my style, I discovered who and what I shoot is completely about my subject.  Whether we start a shoot with a concept or not, I pull characteristics from my models and play with their carefree antics, always making sure that they are having the most fun possible.  Their attitudes and comfort with me translate to my photographs, being vulnerable, real, and raw.  My photographs are intended to feel relatable, carefree and vibrant, where people embrace who they are for what they are while celebrating themselves, their bodies, and their personalities freely.  

Surfing at sunset, sitting around a fire, sunburnt cheeks, and freckles are my favorite things.  I am a beach camping addict with a bug to explore, which is ultimately my escape.  Hints of exploration and rebellion are scattered through my images showing the carefree youth culture of today. 



phone: 714-421-0472